How to Link to a Google map in your website, email or instant message.

Google Maps atricle header for linking mapsLearning how to link to Google maps in your website, email or instant message is easy. Read more for Google Map linking instructions.

To link a Google map start by visiting Google Maps and go to the location you want to link to, center it on screen and zoom in to the appropriate level. Now click on ‘link’ (upper right hand corner of Google Maps view).


click links to get insert code from google maps

You will be given two linking/embedding options:
a) Paste Google maps link in email or IM
b) Paste Google Maps HTML to embed in website

To link an image or word on your site to a map in Google Maps, copy the code in option (a), then, in the wysiwyg editor for your website, highlight the section of text or image you want to link to the Google Map and click the ‘link’ icon you normally use to link to a webpage. Instead of typing in a URL, just paste in the code and you word/image will now be linked to The Google Map you were viewing. Obviously you can use this link to link to Google Maps in an Email or Instant Messages as well.

Here is how to embedd a google map.

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