How to partition a thumb, usb, flash or pen drive on windows XP/Vista/7

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Do you want to partition a flish drive (you migh also say "partition a thumb drive","partition a pen drive" or "partition a USB drive".

It's easy once you know how and I promise you will find the solution for here (actually there are two solutions).

Let's start with an imortant distinction in this article. 1) This is about partition a thumb (usb/flash/pen) drive, and NOT about formating it. These things are different. Although you need to partion a drive first before you can format it, the two words mean different things. Therfore, here is how to PARTITION a thumb (usb/flash/pen) drive.

Also important is that this is about Partioning removable drives (thumb/usb/flash/pen/hdd/sdd etc) on windows.I've written a MAC guide here.

I searched high and low for a solution to partitioning removable drives because the usual solution I use did not work, however its the easiest and it might work for you, so I'll put that first.

Solution ONE for how to PARTITION a thumb (usb/flash/pen) drive on windows:

You might be able to partion your thumbdrive through the Windows Computer Manager. Even if it does partition your drive (windows gave me an error) its a really handy tool to learn about.

Go to you start menu (or you can use an icon on the descktop) and right click the "computer" icon (it maybe "my computer depending on windows version"), then select "manage". This will start the windows computer manager program.

Now click on the "Disk Management" (this will take a few seconds to start). Now, stop. Unless you understand about computers and are familiear with hard disk and the like, you should not be here. I am about to show you how to Partioning removable drives (thumb/usb/flash/pen/hdd/sdd etc) on windows and one wrong click of the mouse and you might just partition (and therefore erase) an interna hard disk with all your data on it. You should also be aware that partitioning a removable drives (thumb/usb/flash/pen/hdd/sdd etc) will also delete all the data on it. Is you data backed up. Maybe you should check the thumb drive one more time. You should know that you are free to look around and click on the various drive without danger, just remember to stay away from "partition" and "format" options.

Right. Now find you thumb drive in the list. It will be labelled "Removable".

To partition it, right click it and click "Delete Volume". If it's greyed out or if you get an error just jump right on over to solution 2. If you are able to delete the volume you should then have the option to create a volume. In this sense "create volume" means "partition". I'm not exactly sure at this point because I got an error and went on to solution two.

If this solves your problem (even if it doesn't), please make a comment to help others.

Solution TWO for how to PARTITION a thumb (usb/flash/pen) drive on windows:

If all eslse fails then EASEUS Partion Master free home edition will do what you want. It's free and you will be able to do what you want without having to buy any paid version. You can get the pro version  here, or the free home version here.

Please let me  know how you get on in the comments and link to this article if it helped you.

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