How do I turn off AVG Anti-Virus?


how to turn of AVG


You may need to turn your AVG Anti virus off when installing programs or running games. AVG Anti virus can hinder games performance but more importantly, cause some games to swap to the desktop intermittently.

So how can you turn off AVG? If you right click the icon in to system tray you can exit the program but it wont mean the scanner process (called the “resident shield component”) will be stopped. Some people will find that on later versions you right clicking the system tray icon for AVG will not even give the option to exit. Here's how to turn of AVG Anti virus....

BE WARNED: If you want to turn off AVG Anti virus you should either:
a) Have already started some other kind of Anti-virus
b) have physically disconnected from the internet (by either unplugging your cable or turning off your modem).

To turn off AVG Anti-virus first double click on the AVG icon in the system tray. Now double click the icon for “Resident Shield” in the AVG user interface. Screenshot is from AVG Anti-virus 9.x



AVG User Interface - Turn off


Now uncheck the box next to “Resident Shield Active” and close the window. The AVG tray icon will still be there but the Anti Virus will now be turned off.

AVG User Interface - Turn off


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