Why does my game swap to the desktop while I'm playing?


game disapears in windows XP


Ever have the problem that you game suddenly disappears while your playing? All your left with is the desktop, but your game is still running. This is quite possibly because of your Anti Virus Software (AVG seams to be a big culprit).

You have two options if your game vanishes:

1)Turn off your anti virus before starting the game. You will need to disconnect from the internet if your going to run off your Antivirus to be completely safe. If you are playing a multiplayer game, disconnecting from the internet may not be an option, so perhaps...
2)Find a different anti virus. AVG seams to be the biggest culprit, so if you can't turn of your antivirus while playing, I suggest you look for another option. Here are three free anti virus programs to choose from.


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