Screenshots in windows 7

The best way to make a screenshot in Windows 7 is not with Printscreen.

If you need to take a screenshot in Windows 7 you probably know you can use the "Print Scrn" (Print Screen) key. However the resulting screenshot will still need to be saved so you have to paste the screenshot into an editor (like paint) first. There is a better way to take screenshots in Windows 7:

Included in Windows 7 is a screenshot tool that's fast and easy to use. Its called the 'Snipping tool' and it''s located under start>all programs>accessories in Windows 7. Put it in your quick-launch if you often need to make Windows 7 screenshots.

Taking a screenshot with Snipping tool, is, well, a snip. Start the program and the screen will partially Grey. Taking a screenshot of a selected area of the screen is the default. Just drag a box over the area you want to screenshot and then an edit window appears allowing you to save it directly. You can also annotate you screenshot, highlight it, draw on it  and even delete your marks afterwards without affecting the screenshot.

If you don't want a section of the screen as your screenshot, you can choose from other screenshot options:  rectangular, freeform, full screen and window.

Have a play with Snipping tool on Windows 7 today and see if it improves your screenshots taking.

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