How do you extract or edit embedded images from Adobe Illustrator easily?

Adobe Illustrator image links pallet

Ever wanted to edit or extract an embedded image from Adobe Illustrator? When I tried to find the answer to this I found lots of complicated methods and plugins to do the job, but really in the end the best solution was this:

An easy way to extract images from an illustrator file is to:

Click File > save as
Choose the format SVG
And save it to an empty folder making sure to click the option: "LINK" under the "images" section. (you should use an empty folder because when the embedded images are extracted, they could fill up the destination folder)

Adobe Illustrator save as SVG dialogue box

All the embedded images will then be extracted from Illustrator to the same folder as the SVG file you are saving.

You are now also free to edit them.

Additional: If you then want to update them, click the image in the images pallet and click the little down arrow (triangle) at the top of the images pallet. Then click "Relink...". You can now re-link your embedded image with the one you have just extracted and edited. It will be the same size and format.

Here is where to click to re-link embeded images:

Adobe Illustrator where to click to re-link embeded images

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