How do I trace an email I have received in the mail app on Apple Mac.

trace emails

Have you ever received an email on the mail app on your Apple Mac and wondered how to find out the where in the world it came form (the geographic location)? Here is how to trace it.

NOTE: You can actually use this method for any email, not just the ones from the mail app on Macs., however you will need to find out how to view the header information yourself as this guide only show how to do it with the Apple mail app.

  • Open the email in the Mail app.
  • Click on the email you want to trace.
  • Click on view > message > raw source
  • Select the whole email (actually you only need the header, but it saves a lot of steps/explain if you just copy the whole thing)
  • Copy the entire email to the clipboard (with apple+c or by right clicking and choosing "copy).

View email headers

  • Go to:
  • Paste the email you just copied from the mail app on Apple Mac, into the space provided.
  • Click "trace email sender"

You will see a Google map returned with the geographic location of the area from which the traced email originated.

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