Get the Hard disk icon back on your snow leopard or lion OS X desktop.

Mac OSX Lion screenshot

Did you just upgrade to snow leopard and loose the Hard Disk (HD) icons from the desktop? Or perhaps you simply want to know how to show/hide Hard disk icons on a Snow Leopard desktop. This article will show you how:

To get you Hard Disk icons to show on the desktop you just need to click "show these items on the desktop>Hard Disks" in the finder preferences. But wait! Did you notice that I said "Finder" preferences and NOT OS X preferences (i.e. NOT the preferences you get to by clicking the little apple logo)?

If you know how to get to finder preferences you can head off to change the "Show items on desktop" settings right now. If not, here some explanation for new mac users:

Finder (in case you didn't know) it the Mac OS file exploring shell. It's the program (if you like) that is "running" when you start up. The "desktop" is the background d of finder. When you are browsing your hard disk or looking at the desktop, you are in finder, just take a look at the top left of the screen, next to the Apple logo, if you have no programs open it will say finder.

To get to finders preferences, simply click anywhere on the desktop and you will see that it will now say "Finder" next to the apple logo at the top left,  Click finder>Preferences…   you will now be able to change the "show these items on the desktop>Hard Disks" option.

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