LCD or LED monitor? The top 10 reasons LED is better.

LCD monitor

"which is better LED or LCD?" One of the biggest questions everyone in the market for a new monitor has at the moment. The answer is clear. Overall LED is better because it has a large number of small advantages. It will eventually overtake LCD because when the demand ramps up and factorys improve supply to match, LED monitors will be cheaper to produce. Here are the main reasons LED is better than LCD.

*Note: You should clear that the term LED, in the case of monitors, means LCD with LED backlight. The older ones, the ones simply called LCD, use Flourescent light to backlight the LCD.

The top 10 reasons LED is better than LCD are:

1, LED's have a longer life span then Fluorescent lights in LCD screens. This also means that because LED lights don't decay like flourescent ones, they have better colour accuracy.

2, LED produces less heat

3, LED uses less power

4, LED don't break easily break as easily as flourescent lights.

5, Fluorescent tubes contain a small amount of mercury which hazardous if not disposed of correctly

6, LED's are (in most cases) brighter.

7, LED's weight less than Fluorescent lights and therefore use less CO2 in shipping.

8, LED's can (usually) be manufactured thinner than the LCD screens improving the aesthetic (thinner profile)

9, LED screen typically have a deeper black.

10, Better contrast ratio and therefore better colour accuracy. Of course an expensive professional LCD monitor design for its colour accuracy will be better than a cheap LED screen, but you get the (excuse the pun) picture.

Just for your information:
LCD stands liquid crystal display
LED stands for Light Emitting diode

HereĀ“s how LCD and LED backlighting works:

LCD backlighting diagram                    LED Backlighting diagram

So what do you use LED or LCD?

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