How much Hard disk space should I allocate to Time Machine MAC

How much Hard disk space you should allocate to Time Machine on your MAC is one of those tough ones because it depends on two really big questions:

  1. How much CAN you afford to allocate to Time Machine?
  2. How long do you want time machine to keep your changes?

Here some help deciding...

Basically it works like this. Time machine makes incremental backups whenever you delete/change something and then presents them to you in a nice interface which allows you to go "back in time" to get a deleted file or older version of a file. This means the longer you want time machine to remember changes to the file system, the more space you will need. How much space? If you can afford it, three times the space of your disk would be good.

In reality we don't all have that much available. What you can do then is help things a bit. If you tend to download large files which you could get again if there was a problem, store these files on a different disk and configure Time Machine not to backup that disk. This way you will make less significant changes to your hard disk and the space allocated for Time machine will go a long further.

If you keep it trim and only change smaller files not in large quantities and not in excessive volume, you could use about the same amount as the disk you are backing up (assuming of course your disk is far from full).

Quite simply more space buys you more time and at the end of the day only you know how much space you can afford or how much time you need to keep backedup. How much Hard disk space should you allocate to Time Machine? 1-3 times the disk you are backing up, more is better.

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