How to clone your Mac disk instead of reinstalling Max OS X.

Super Duper Mac disk cloner screenshot

Mac users who have used PCs in the past often think that upgrading your HDD (like changing to an SDD) means re-installing the disk. This is not the case, Apple Mac OS X will happily be cloned to another HDD. On a PC with windows, it is posible to simply clone the HDD but it's not recommended and anyway, usually if you went to the trouble to upgrade your hard disk you would also take the trouble to fix the bloated windows system with a system re-intstall. Yet another reason why MAC's save you time (and therefor money).

Heres how to clone you hard disk on a MAC.

Although there are other cloning programs out there why would I recommend anything other than the one I have found to be the best. SuperDuper! What I really like about SuperDuper is that the free version does all the cloning you want.

Simply connect your new HDD or SDD to your Mac either internally or externally (with USB,Firewire or Thunderbolt), run SuperDuper and tell it to copy your system to the other disk.

I won't even bother with a screenshot because using SuperDuper is Apple easy.

After you have cloned your disk, you can reboot and hold the option key (also called the alt key) while you boot to choose the startup disk. Select the new copy of the cloned disk (the new HDD/SDD) and boot up. If all goes well (it should, it's a MAC), OS X will boot fine and you can now go about shutting down and swapping the hard disk over perminently.

One last added bonus. When you clone your disk it will copy all the files exactly but with out fragmentation. Because cloning is done file by file it has the add bonus that your ne HDD or SDD will no inherit the fragmentation of the old disk. What this means to the layman is that you OS will be faster and not just because your new disk (especially in the case of an SDD) is.

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