How to change the "READ THE FULL STORY" link on ROK STORIES module for Joomla into another text or language

the read the full story link on rocket theme module rokstories

Would you like to know how to change linked text "READ THE FULL STORY" in the Rockettheme module "rokstories" into another language or text of your choice? It's easy, heres how:

To change linked text "READ THE FULL STORY" you need to find it first. It is located in the file: en-GB.mod_rokstories.ini which is in the following location:

<your joomla install>/language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_rokstories.ini

Edit this file with a UTF8 compatible editor. Notpad for windows and texedit for Mac will both work.

Now change the line:

ROKSTORIES_READMORE = Read the full story"

To whatever you want. Some examples:


Note. You must make sure you "save as" and confirm the file is in UTF8 especially if you are using non-standard characters in different languages.

Now upload to your server, clear your cache and check your rokstories mudule to confrim the "read the full story" has correctly changed.

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