Understanding Joomla and Joomfish language packs and installers.

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I found Joomla and Joomfish language packs caused many errors related to using the wrong pack when I was new to Joomla. One thing that’s always hard when you come across something new is jargon. It can get really confusing when different things which can seem somewhat similar (and may in fact be related) use similar words. Here is some clarification about Joomla and Joomfish language packs.

There are three different files kinds of file you can download:

1. Translated Joomla installer:

What is it? This is the Joomla installer package in another language. When you upload this file to a server you can install Joomla using your desired language. It can be downloaded in various language versions and that why it sometimes gets confused with a Joomfish language pack. It is not a language pack. It is an installer in the selected language. A simple check is if the zipped file is over around 7mb, you know it´s not the Joomfish language pack.

How is the Translated Joomla installer used
? Upload the translated Joomla installer for whichever language/version of Joomla you want to your server and access the domain through a browser. You will see the installer is translated.

2. Joomla language pack:

What is the Joomla language pack? This pack contains different language translations for Joomla. If you used a non-English Joomla installer, then your Joomla site is probably already in the right language. If not, if you need visitors to see your Joomla site in a language other than the one you installed, or you have site administrator who need other languages, you will need a Joomla language Pack. It comes in two varieties:
1) Front end. This contains all the front end words translated into your desired language. Install this and users will be able to see the Joomla site in the chosen language.
2) Back end. The backend language pack is for the administrator backend. If you want multiple users to have access the Joomla administration area (the backend) in another language, then you will need to install these packs.

How is a Joomla language pack installed? In the backend, use the installer found under Extensions>Install/Uninstall.

3. Joomfish language pack:

What is it? This is a Joomfish language pack containing translations for the component Joomfish itself. I'll say that again a different way. The Joomfish translation file contains all the words for the component but in a language other than English. i.e. these are the back end menus and options of Joomfish in a language other than English.

How is a Joomfish Language pack installed? In the backend, use the installer found under Extensions>Install/Uninstall. NOTE: Before you install a Joomfish language pack, install the appropriate Frontend/Backend language. Otherwise you might get the error "No core pack exists for the language while installing Joomfish"

Hope that helps with clarification. What say you?

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