How to fix problems with Simple Image Gallery PRO if it wont show images or wont work.

Simple Image Gallery Pro

“Simple Image Gallery Pro” and the free version “Simple Image Gallery” are both fantastic quality gallery plugins for Joomla CMS.

Here are some simple common problems (and how to solve them) which occur with “Simple Image Gallery PRO”  and its free version “Simple Image Gallery”. Use this guide if no images show up at all, some don't appear or you generally can't get either version of Simple Image Gallery to work.

Right, you downloaded Simple Image Gallery or Simple Image Gallery PRO from JoomlaWorks. Great. Excellent plugin. Here are some problems you may encounter after installation:

“I installed the plugin, followed the directions perfectly but can't see anything?”

I know it may seam a stupid question, but did you turn the plugin on? Go to Extensions>PluginManager in your Joomla backend. No look for Simple Image Gallery/Simple Image Gallery PRO in the list and look in the column called “Enabled” for that plugin. If Simple Image Gallery has a red 'x' in this column, it is not enabled and that is why even though you put the right code in your articles as instructed, the plugin does not work.

“I have Simple Image Gallery enabled, and created a folder with images, but after putting the code in my articles, all I see are little square boxes”

I can't tell you what's gone wrong, but I can tell you how to fix this because I had the same problem when I first installed Simple Image Gallery. It turns out this was because my images were png files and smaller than the 200x200 pixel size I set in Simple Image Gallery. After changing the size and the format (to jpg) all images were visible. I'll admit that I suspect the fact that the files were png files was the problem, but because I also increased the size of the images to above the size set in the Simple Image Gallery plugin's parameters, I'm not sure which one is the cure (if you find out, please make a comment).

Everything worked fine, I installed Simple Image Gallery and can see my new gallery in my Joomla articles but some are missing (appear as white spaces) how do I make them appear?

I also had this problem. It turned out Simple Image Gallery had a problem with my file names.  After I edited all the file names of the images I used in the Gallery to replace spaces with hyphens ( - ) and removed any apostrophes, Simple Image Gallery showed all images perfectly. Make sure you're not using any non standard characters in the file names of the images you use with Simple Image Gallery or Simple Image Gallery PRO.

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