How do you change the “Read more...” link to an article title?

It's easy to change the read more link to an article title.

  1. Look in your template folder: if there is not html folder, create one.
  2. If there is no 'com_content' folder inside the html folder, create one
  3. There should be a folder in 'com_content' called "category", "frontpage" and "section". If not, create them.

To change the read-more link to the article title just make the following changes.

Copy these files:

  • (joomla)/components/com_content/views/category/tmpl/blog_item.php

  • (joomla)/components/com_content/views/frontpage/tmpl/default_item.php

  • (joomla)/components/com_content/views/section/tmpl/blog_item.php

to your template's html folders (ensure the path is correct)

  • (yourtemplate)/html/com_content/category/blog_item.php

  • (yourtemplate)/html/com_content/frontpage/default_item.php

  • (yourtemplate)/html/com_content/section/blog_item.php

Open each file and change:

('Read more...');


('Continue reading:', $this->item->title);

Your read-more link should now display “continue reading:” and then your article title.

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