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Joomfish guide for beginners and newbies


I was not satisfied with the introduction/documentation I found when installing Joomfish for multilingual websites, so I decided to post this guide for newbie/noobs and beginners about how Joomfish works/what it does.

Put simply Joomfish give you the ability to choose any part of your website (module names, articles, menu items etc) and provide a translation for them. This translation will then be seen when the user changes language.

To explain it another way. Your site has a default language (lets say English) and Joomfish allows you to add a translation to everything on it (lets say German translations). When the user changes the language setting, all the menus, article etc will now display in the Translation that Joomfish has attached to the original language.

Eg. If you have a module called “new” with an article “the latest Joomfish help” you can use Joomfish to set a translation for these. The translation is not done automatically, you will need to do it yourself, but lets say your translation to German. You would first go to module manager, put a tick in the module and choose a language from the Joomfish drop down menu on the menu bar of you Joomla administration back-end. A window will appear so you can input your translation and from then on, if you site is set to German, Joomfish will show the German translation instead of the original English. Go to article manager, put a tick in the article, choose the language from the Joomfish drop down menu in the Joomla administration back-end and you can type in the translation . You can do this with just about any text on your site.

In case you are still unclear. Joomfish is a way of creating a 'second' site with translations attached to your original content. When the language setting is change, Joomfish shows the relevant linked content. Ie Joomfish shows the translation.

Please link to this article if you want to help beginners get going fast with Joomfish. I could find any newbie guide myself and didn't understand Joomfish straight away. Hope this helped you.

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