How do you change the font sizes sitewide in Yootheme Template for Joomla 2.5 (after 2012)?

Yootheme Template heading size change

How do you change the font sizes site-wide if you are using a yootheme template (2012 or newer) for your Joomla 2.5 site? Here is how change the font size of a heading in 2012 or newer Yootheme Templates for Joomla 2.5...

To change the font size it will require adding/changing a line to the sites "base.css" file.

NOTE: If this doesn't work, try reading how to change the heading font size for older yootheme templates.

  • Start by logging on to the back end of the Joomla 2.5 site with the Yootheme template who's heading font size you want to change.
  • Under extensions, click on the template manager
  • You will see a sceen with all the templates listed, this is the "styles" screen, you will need to change to the "templates" screen by clicking on the word "templates"
  • Now click on the name of your yootheme template which you want to change the text size for.
  • You should see a column called "Sylesheets", in this column click the words "base.css"
  • You should see some code like this:

body {
  font: normal 16px/21px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
  line-height: 130%;
  color: #6E6E6E;

  • To change the font size you need change the font size in pixels as shown in the part: "16px/21px". If you can't see it you might need to add the following “font-size: XXpx;” where 'XX' is a size in pixels. I use 16px/21px pixels in this example which represents the normal and bold weights of all the fonts sitewide.


  • So, if the line "font-size" already exists, just change the value and the font size will change on you Yootheme template. If there is no 'font-size' line, just add it and choose the size you want.

Don't forget to save your changes and force a refresh in firefox (I hope you use firefox) to check it worked.

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