How to get into the Joomla backend if you forget your password


username and password do not match Joomla


Forgot you Joomla Admin password? Don't worry, here's how to get back into your site.

First log into the control panel provided by your web host (usualy C-Panel)

Now click on the icon for PhP MyAdmin and click on the appropriate database for your site (I hope you named your Joomla databases well). If you used something like Simple-Scripts to install you Joomla site and forgot you Joomla admin password, just click on the Simple-Scripts icon in C-Panel (or your hosting companies controls panel) and click on advanced next to where it shows you website url, you will then seen the name of the joomla database.

Once you have opened the right database in PHP my admin, you should click on “users” in the left pane. It might be called  “jos_users' or 'mos-users' (if you have forgotten you mambo password).

Now click browse and then the pencil icon next to the administrator user (to edit that entry).

Now simply copy and past one of the following hash numbers into the password field and click 'go' to make the changes (only the numbers). You can then use the password shown inside the quotes to log on to your Joomla back-end as administrator.

Password:  “reset123” = 017d9516a0a8b44db462c39ba8a4184a
Password:  “oops123” = 103e27db53ba0f434d1cde62bca1acf7
Password: “new” = 22af645d1859cb5ca6da0c484f1f37ea
Password: “1newpassword2” = 8afaded08add186a141b32b788a79726
Password: “forgotpassword” = c00e10ccda5df54ec4663eb0b084f507
Password: “resetpass” = e279fd68f0dfad82dbf7c95b795f2f93
Password: “newjoomlapassword” = fbbbf9a61170284a78172df5571f2295
Password: “13579password” = 11ba6896cb1d2f520dbe52b64a98a30c

After you have reset your password, log back into your Joomla back-end as Administrator and change your password straight away.


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