How to replace the Joomla home page with an article or custom home page.

custom joomla home pageWant a custom page or article as the home page in Joomla? It's easy to change the Joomla home page, here's how:


To make a custom article home page:


  1. Design/Create/Write the page you want to be the new Joomla home page
  2. Go to menu>Main menu and make a new menu item pointing to the custom home page you just made
  3. Publish your new home page
  4. Go to the front page manager in the Joomla administrator backend (control panel) and make sure your article/page is at the top of the list (you can move the page up using the green arrows or change the page order number to '1')
  5. Go to menu>Main menu and un-publish the ‘home’ menu.

Your custom page will now be the new Joomla home page.

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