How to insert anything (module) inside Content in Joomla 1.5

google adsense inserted into joomla content


I always get asked "How can I insert AdSense, Paypal or html within the content in Joomla 1.5?"


Here's how you can add any module easily wherever you like in the content of Joomla 1.5 articles:

Inserting a module in content automatically is a little more difficult, but if you happy to simply add a piece of text anywhere in the content so that Joomla will insert a module at that point, then its very easy.

A module can be placed in any module position that exists in the template, but not within content. You can fix this by creating a custom module position and then a piece of text anywhere in your content to insert it at that point.

Step 1: Create a new Module to be inserted into the content.

First make sure your editor is set to no editor in the global configuration control panel of Joomla 1.5

Then go to Extensions > Module Manager and click on the icon 'NEW'

This is going to be the module which will be inserted into your content, so you can put whatever HTML you want there (Adsense etc).

The most important thing is to do is create a custom module position. There is a drop down menu called 'Position'. Normally you click the arrow and choose from a predefined module position. Instead what you should do is highlight the text and type a new module position. This will create a custom module position which we will use to insert into the content. I recommend you type “incontent” as your new module position.

Step 2: Insert the module anywhere you want to within your content.

Just put the following code anywhere in the content you want the module you just created to be inserted.

loadposition in content

Note: If you didn't create the custom module position called 'incontent' as recommended above, you must use the same custom position you made eg:

load positon in content custom for Joomla 1.5

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