How to get sh404SEF working on Joomla 1.5

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 Here is a simple and easy to follow guide on how to get sh404SEF working with Joomla.


I think the instructions provided with sh404SEF are too complicated. Getting sh404SEF working with Joomla 1.5.x was easy, but only after I finally figured it out and I was tearing my hear out until then (I even gave up once). Worse still, reading comments by people who said “best Joomla plugin ever, so easy to set up!”.

Ok. So you already know how to upload and install sh404SEF, but for some reason you can't get sh404SEF working?


I'll just tell you how I got sh404SEF working and hope it helps.


Before we turn sh404SEF on, you need to switch to the extended display (to show the advanced sh404SEF parameters).


Go to the sh404SEF component (though the components menu) and click the line which says “Click here to switch to sh404SEF extended display (with all available parameters)” (shown here)


sh404SEF default screen


Your main sh404SEF screen will now look like this. Go ahead and click on “sh404SEF configuration”.



sh404SEF extended parameters screen


From the h404SEF configuration you can start by turning the sh404SEF component on. Toggle “Enabled” to 'yes'.


turning on sh404SEF


Now here is the most important part. The thing that stops sh404SEF working for most people.


change rewriting mode in sh404SEF

Still in sh404SEF configuration, click on the “Advanced” tab and look at the entry “Rewriting mode”. I set mine to “with .htaccess (mod re-write)” because that is how my site was setup in the global configurations tab of Joomla. Sh404SEF should work with other two options, so if it's not try one of the others.



SEO setting for Joomla


I set my global configuration as shown. Note: in order to do this you need to change the file htaccess.txt (in the root directory of your site) to “.htaccess” (without the quotes). This is a simple as renaming it.


Sh404SEF should work once you have:


  • Change the settings in global configuration to those shown
  • renamed the htaccess.txt file
  • set sh404SEF to “with .htaccess (mod re-write)”

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