How to install Google Analytics in Joomla

Google Analytics in Joomla
If your not using  Google Analytics, you should. Put everything on hold, read this installation guide and install Google Analytics NOW.

I'll admit right now I only use Joomla 1.5 but this method should also work on 1.0.13

It's a simple guide on how to install Google Analytics in Joomla (because the process isn't that hard).

The first thing I recommend is that you do not download a Joomla module for it. That's not just for  Google Analytics, any script or html you want to add to your Joomla site, you can do so by making a simple custom html module. Only use a Google Analytics module if you need web statistics about specific pages, this “how to” is for general  Google Analytics statistics for every page or your site (what most people want).

In general, only use a module if it offers you additional benefits other than a custom html module.

Log on to your administrator backend.

Just to be sure (because I don't know what editor you're using) start under gobal configuration and set the Default WYSIWYG Editor to “Editor – No Editor”. Some editors 'clean' the HTML and this could cause your Google  Analytics not to function correctly.

Now go to the Joomla module manager (extensions>module manager) and click the “+new” icon. Then click the button for “custom HTML” and click “next”

Now give the module a name you will recognize like “Google Analytics Code” and then click:
show title > no.
enabled > yes

set position to any visible position (don't worry  Google Analytics doesn't display anything) and finally paste in your  Google Analytics code.

Now your ready to rock! Save your module and Log on to Google Analytics and get it to check the code is working. It should be, if not try another module position/ put Google Analytics at the top of list of modules for that position.

Have fun installing Google Analytics! (it rocks!)


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