How do I hide the articles on the front page with Gavick Pro Templates.

No articles homepage

Gacick pro templates are very high quality and versatile. Part of their versatility means you can easily change customise pages using CSS and template overrides. That didn't help me when I was simply looking for how to turn off articles on the from page and couldn't find the "setting" to do it. The setting exists but because it can do more than just this function it's a little more complicated.

Here is how to stop Joomla from displaying front page (featured) articles on the main page:

First log into the Joomla administrator backend and take a look at you menus. Joomla starts with the "main menu" as the default page which means it's the page you arrive at i.e. the home page. This is where we need to turn off the articles. So go to the menu manager and look for the default menu (the one with the star) and take a note of the ID …as shown in this screenshot:

default menu item Joomla

Now go to template settings, open the ‘Features’ tab and find “Suffixes for pages” option.

In the "Item ID/Option:" box, put in the item ID we just saw.

Under "Suffix", put:     hidearticles

Now, stay in the template setting screen and go to the "Advanced settings"

Here you need to set the CSS override to "ON" and paste the following code into the "Custome CSS code" box:

.hidearticles #gkMainbody { display: none !important}
.hidearticles #gkContent { display: none !important}

Like this:

CSS overide

Now Joomla featured articles should no longer appear on the homepage for a Gavick Pro template.

As you can see, you can also use this to change pages other than the homepage but putting in their ID it makes it a bit more complicated to turn them off on the main page, but allows you to change other pages as well, all you do is create a suffix for each page you want to alter and put custom CSS for that suffix. Not an easy on/off article hiding solution, but a more versatile one.

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