Help I get the error:Component Install: Another Component is already using directory when installing/updating virtuemart.

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If you get the error "Component Install: Another Component is already using directory: (complete joomla folder)\administrator\components\com_virtuemart" ...  this is (most probably) because you are trying to install the Virtuemart update or patch file via the "install/unintall" menu in the Joomla backend. The chances are, this was not meant to be installed through the Joomla Extension install/uninstall screen, but actually through the Virtuemart software itself.

To fix the error: "Component Install: Another Component is already using directory"...

  • Back up your site including both files and database. Remember, you are about to make changes to your shop that could cause errors or conflicts with other components or modules. NEVER undertake something like this without a backup.
  • Log in to the Joomla administrator backend. Go to the Virtuemart component.
  • In the admin drop down pane on the left, look for a "Check for Updates" link and click it
  • BE CAREFULL. You should now click on "check for updates" and then decide what you want to do. My recommendation is not to update a full number increment. I.e. don't just automatically update from 1.x to 2.x or from 2.x to 3.x etc. Significant changes occur in such milestone releases and you would be wise to search first for information about specifically updating your version to a newer one.
  • If updating a full version is the only option or you already have a patch file, click on the tab "upload patch". From here you can browse for the file you downloaded and tried to upload through the Joomla installer (resulting in the error "Component Install: Another Component is already using directory").
  • Upload the latest patch file for your version of Virtuemart in this tab.

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