Contact form is not displayed in the front end Joomla

Contact form Joomla screenshot

SOLVED: How to fix the problem that the contact form is not displayed in the front end Joomla

I hope my solution helps others. I found the contact form did not display because I had left the field "Linked to user" (under the contact in the contact manager) empty.

I think Joomla uses this user to determine where to send the emails, so without it no form is displayed.

To recap:
1) Log in to the back end
2) Click    Components --> Contacts   
3) Click the Contact name which you linked to in a menu to have the form appear
4) Check that the field "linked to user" is actually linked to a user

Contact form Joomla link to user screenshot

At first I set up the contact from without linking to a user. I thought there was no special need to do it. After I saw that the contacts from did not show up in the front end I had to troubleshoot it and realized that it was indeed necessary.

Hope that helps.

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