How to remove Powered by Gantry logo on modern Rocket theme templates

Powered By Gantry Logo

This guide is how to remove the "Powered By Gantry" logo on modern Rocket theme templates only. Modern means Rocket theme templates created after gantry was introduced near the end of 2009.

To remove the developed by "Powered By Gantry", go to template manager in the administrator back end of Joomla (click on the template manager in the Extensions menu).

Now click on the name of the Rocket theme template in the list in order to edit its settings.

Now scrool down the list of settings on the right to find the "Copyright" part (under the heading "Features"). Turning it off turns off the "Powered By Gantry" logo and also the "Developed by Rockettheme" logo. It also turns off the copyright information. If you want copyright information, just create a custom HTML module containing your copyright and publish it to the "copyright" position.

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