How to setup paypal with Joomla and Virtuemart

Virtuemart Paypal and Joomla logos

Setting up paypal with Joomla and Virtuemart is eas, only 4 steps:

Step (1): Got to paypal and make an account
Before you connect paypal with Virtuemart in your Joomla site you at least need a paypal account, if you don't have a paypal account, sign up with paypal now.

Virtuemart Administration Pane

Step (2) Under Virtuemart, click store>list payment methods
I'll assume you've already downloaded Virtuemart and Installed it on your Joomla site. Go to Virtuemart through the Joomla administrator backend and on the left (in the Virtuemart Administrator pane) click "store" then click "list payment methods"

Making Paypal Ctive in a Virtuemart Joomla window

Step (3) Make sure paypal is active
Look down the list and find the paypal option. In the column on the right called "Active" make sure there is a tick. If there is a red X, click it to change the paypal payment option form inactive to active. A tick will appear.

connecting paypal email with joomla virtuemart

Step (4) Configure paypal to connect with Virtuemart.
Now click on the actual word "paypal" in the column "Name" (the same Payment method list window as step 4). This will open the Payment method form for paypal. Click the configurations tab. Now just enter the email address for you paypal account, save and virtuemart is connected!

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