How to center Rockettheme RokStories module in a module position.

rokstories module centered

The Roksories module has left aligned or right aligned options but how do you center the Rockstories module? It's easy, centering the Rokstories module is just matter of editing some CSS.

In your favorite editor, open the Rokstories css file (Rokstories.css) found in /modules/mod_rokstories/tmpl/css

You will see a lot of different layouts and which one you should edit depends on what you Rokstories settings are.

I just prefer to edit all the layout settings in Rockstories.css to make sure that if I make a change later the centering still works.

The change you need to make to have the Rockstories module centered in a module position is as follows:

Change all the lines
.feature-block {overflow: hidden;position: relative;}

.feature-block {margin-left:120px;overflow: hidden;position: relative;}

Note: You will have to manually adjust the amount in pixels (px) so that the Rokstires is in the center because module positions are different sizes on different templates.

That's how to center Rockettheme RokStories module in a module position, enjoy!

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