How to change the background in Rockethteme templates.

background css settings in rockettheme templates

Here are lots of options how to change the background in Rockettheme templates, including how to turn off repeat, change the color etc.

To change the background in a Rckettheme template you will need to edit the right css file. Normally this will be the file called either template.css, light-body.css or style1.css (or 2,3,4 etc depending on the style you have chosen).

The easiest way to edit these files is through the Joomla administrator backend (if you don't otherwise have a preferred editor). Login and go to extensions>template manager and click on the icon that says edit css then choose the file you wish to edit, and click the circle next to it then click the edit icon.

You will be looking for the line that looks like this:
body.backgroundlevel-high.backgroundstyle-style1 #rt-main-background {background: url(../images/backgrounds/style1/high/bg-top.jpg) 50% -20px no-repeat;}

The part "style1" will of course varies depending on the style you have chosen.

Here are the change you will need to make to change the background on your Rockettheme templates.

Change "no-repeat;" to "repeat-x;" if you want you Rocketthem background to repeat only in the x access (horizontally-accross the screen)
"repeat-y;" will of course repeat the background in the y axis (virtically - up and down) on your Rockettheme site.

To change the file your using for you background, the easiest way is to rename you jpg to the name the Rockettheme uses and simply copy over it. However if you want to change it, for example to use a png as the background of your Rockettheme site, just change the part "bg-top.jpg" to represent your png file.

To change the background color look for the line:
body.backgroundlevel-high.backgroundstyle-style1 {background: #101D2E; .....

That number following the # sign will need to be changed to whatever you desire.

That sums up the most common changes to the background image for your Rockettheme template you will need, enjoy!

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