How to translate K2 content items with Joomfish for Joomla

I couldn't find how to translate K2 content items with Joomfish for Joomla no matter how hard I searched. I always translated Joomla content through the article manager and could not find anyone who could tell me how K2 content item translation could be achieved with Joomfish until I really got to grip with the right way to use Joomfish. Now I know it, its easy, here's how:

The answer is simple: Don't try to translate through the K2 component. It might be possible, but rather than that go to the K2 component and look for a way to translate there you should go direct to the joomfish component.

  1. Go to Joomfish (in the administrator backend of Joomla, click Component>Joomfish) and then click translation.
  2. Now choose (an I admit this isn't intuitive) from the following options by clicking the drop down menus in the upper right (labelled "languages" and"content items").
  3. Under languages choose the language you want to translate the contenct INTO using Joomfish.
  4. In the "content items" choose K2 Items.
  5. You can now simply choose whichever K2 content item you want to. Translate the item by clicking it in the list.

Have fun translating K2 items with Joomfish!

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