Black and White photos with spot color (Colorizing)

Looking for a great technique to add interest to some of your photographs? Heres a technique which works great for wedding photos, swimsuits photos, car photos, in fact any photo with an obvious and colorful main subject.

Colorizing (some times called color swash), is when you have a black and white background and leave items in the foreground/special items in living color.

Here are three ways of doing the same thing depending on what photo program you have. All techniques work with photoshop but more than one method has been given to show how this could be done in other programs...

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How to save prophet in Crysis

Prophet in CrysisIf you playing crysis and having trouble saving prophet, you're not alone. People ask “how do I save phrophet in Crysis?” because you are given misleading clues. Prophet talks about how he's freezing, so most people try to find something to heat him up.


But when people ask “how do I save phrophet in Crysis?” they actually mean how do I get past that bit where prophet gives you the alien gun.


Easy, just kill all the aliens. Run forward until more aliens spawn and then let them have it, shoot, dodge and grenade your way through them fast! (before prophet dies).


After that help prophet out of the cold area you're in. You get further orders and then just keep prophet warm, run from burning wreck to burning wreck to save prophet (you'll figure it out).



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Red Highlights, what are they and how do i get rid of them?

Red Highlights on text in FirefoxWant to know How to get rid of those annoying red highlights on Firefox?

The red highlights on Firefox are caused by the Plugin 'SEO' for Firefox. The SEO plugin highlights text in red which has a 'no follow' tag. If you don't need to highlight 'no follow' tags in red, (or don't even understand it) then you can easily turn red highlights off by clicking the 'SEO' icon at the bottom right of the Firefox window. One click to turn off the red highlights, click again if you want to turn the red highlights on again.


SEO Plugin cause Red Highlighted Text


If after you turn off the red highlights if you realize you don't really use the 'SEO' plugin then your best bet is to uninstall the plugin to stop the red highlights from reappearing again after future updates.

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Make people click on you Google Adsense Ads (and other Pay per click ads).

mouse clicking on google agsense
Lets face it, its human nature. When people first join a pay per click (PPC) program like Google adsense, they intimidate think about how to get clicks and its tempting to tell someone else to click on your ads or click on them youself.

Luckily for me I had a flatmate who was recently banned from adsense and saw firsthand how brutal they were with him. Google simply said: You have invalid clicks: Your out!. No judge, no Jury, no appeal.

So how can you make other people click on your ads without getting in to trouble with Google?


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Use Google adsense and Google adsense alternatives

google adsense competition

Want a comprehensive list of online advertising programs and affiliate marketing resources? Look no further!

If you plan on spending the time to build up a web site that makes money 24/7 on Autopilot, then you'll want to know where to find good income generating ads and affiliate programs which you can use to monetize your site.

Here is a list (ever growing) of online advertising and Internet promotions companies (many of which are viable alternatives to adsense and some of which can be used in conjunction with adsense – where possible this is shown).

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