Alternative to iTunes for uploading photos, videos and other files to an iPad

sync files to ipad without itunes

Is there an alternative to iTunes for syncing/uploading photos, videos and other files to an iPad? You bet.

You've got an iPad and its great, iTunes is good, but sometimes you're away from your Mac (or PC) and need to upload a file to the iPad without iTunes. Thankfully there is a quick and easy way to sync/upload file with you ipad that's so versatile, it might even replace iTunes in many cases.

I've found the best way to upload photos, videos and file to my iPad without iTunes is with dropbox. If you have never come accross it before, dropbox is a virtual web based disk. It works like this. Imagine you own a folder that you can access using the internet. You can save file to this folder and using any internet connected device, you can access your folder. Any internet connected device, like, say, your iPad. Yes, there's and app for that (link to dropbox app on Apple app store)

So heres how it works. Sign up for 2gb free (and always free) of space at dropbox.
Once you have a user name and password, all you need to do is download the dropbox app to your iPad (from the Apple app store) and any files stored in your dropbox disk (or folder, magic pocket - call it what you will) automatically sync with your iPad. You don't have to touch a thing.

So, for example, you're away from iTunes and someone shows you an image you want to keep, or you want to upload a PDF file or excel/word file for use on your iPad. You can access you dropbox folder within any internet connected browser and upload the file. Now take a look at dropbox in your iPad. It's there too! (after it syncs of course).

This is particularly good if you want to add a file to the iPad that is not a normal photo/video or multimedia file. If it's not an iPad friendly file, you wont be able to save it easily, but upload it to dropbox, and your there.

Anyone found any other/a better alternative to iTunes for uploading files to your iPad?

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