Problem connecting you iPad to wireless (Wi Fi) network/router

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Having issues connecting you iPad to wireless (Wi Fi) network/router?

Just got your Apple's easy to use tablet, the iPad, but it wont connect to your wifi wireless network? I pulled my hair out for a day until finally I solved this problem.

First make sure you always gave your ipad enough time to connect to your router (as much as 60 seconds) and make sure you are close enough to the router to get a very strong signal. Personally, I would grab a chair and sit next to it while you play around to find a solution. To troubleshoot your ipad connection you need to eliminate allpossible problems in order to narrow down the real cause of the connection failure. Make sure you test the wifi connection of you iPad by opening Safari. Sometime the iPad wont try to connect until instructed to do so by a program (so safari the web browser is the obvious choice).

Also before you start, check the obvious. Does you router have power? Have you rebooted your router recently? Occasionally you need to restart your router because it might stop allowing connections without warning.

iPad wifi settings screenshot

Now, here is how I solved my iPad connection issue (along with some other things you can try in case my solution doesn't work):

To get my iPad workind iwth wifi, I had to configure the security options to match those of my router:Start the iPad

  1. Go into settings.
  2. Once in settings,tap on the Wi-Fi category to get to where you connect to wireless networks.
  3. Under "choose a netowrk", tap "other".
  4. Copy the SSID from the bottom (underside) of your router into the place for "name" on the ipad.
  5. Tap the security button and you will be take to a screen where you can choose the security type. Make sure you find the correct type for your router (look in the manual or online)
  6. After choosing the right security type you will be asked for the password, this too should be on the underside of your router.
  7. Your iPad should now connect just fine to the wireless network.

I also updated the router firmware just to make sure. If the idea scares you because your not a techie, don't worry I'll step you through it.

  1. Download the latest firmware by going to the website of the manufacturer of your router and downloading it (probably in support>downloads). Look for any additional instruction you might need about how to update you firmware.
  2. Connect directly to you router by entering the routers ip address in the address bar of a browser. Lost you already? Do this, open safari (or any web browser) an instead of, put Did a page show up for the administration of your router? If not you will need to look up on the internet "ip address for XYZ router" (where XYZ is the name of your router).
  3. Login to the administrator part of you router. If you don't know the password, try "admin" or "smcadmin" (without the quotes). If that fails go to the router manufacturers website to find it.
  4. It should be easy to find a firmware/update firmware option and browse to the file you dowload to update it. You might need to reboot (turn of than back on) your router.

If your iPad still does not connect to the wifi, keep going with some more steps you can try. Keep trying one after another until your iPad connects to your wifi.

  • In the iPad go to settings and look at you wifi. Turn it off, wait a few seconds and then back on again.
  • Unders settings, general, reset your wifi to default settings.
  • According to Apple, the iPad does not support 40Mhz so if you can find the option in your routers settings, change it to 20Mhz
  • Turn off wireless-n (mixed mode) and use "B/G mixed" instead.
  • Try using WAP security instead of WEP.
  • Restart you router again (just in case)
  • Adjust screen brightness. I'm don't know how this could affect anything related to wifi, but it comes straight from Apple's support site.
  • Check if your screen brightness is set to the lowest level by going to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper. If brightness is at the lowest level, increase it by moving the slider to the right and set auto brightness to off.
  • Renew your ipad's IP address. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and find the Wi-Fi network you are currently using. Tap to Renew Lease

Did it work? So how did you fix your iPad issue?

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