How to show or unhide the timeline window in Premier Pro, Mac or PC

Timeline window showing sequence 01

If you’re new to Premier Pro on Mac or PC you might accidentally stumble the common problem of accidentally closing (or losing/hiding) you timeline window (the one which shows the sequence you are working on).

I found the solution is easy, but poorly worded online making it hard to understand what to do if the timeline is gone. To get the timeline back all you have to do it "double click the sequence in the project window", when I first came across that sentence it didn't offer me much help so I'll clarify and add an image to help.

Open premier pro and click on the window tab and then click "project". This will make sure the project window is open (if it isn't already). The project window will show up on the top right. It contains (amongst other things) a list of the different resources (movies, images and audio) you are using in your project. Look at the list; it also contains a resource called "Sequence 01" (of course you can have multiple sequences in a project and you can name them anything you like, but for new Premier Pro users, the default will probably still be shown). Double click "Sequence 01" and your timeline will reappear. Now read, "double click the sequence in the project window_", make more sense now doesn't it?

Here is a picture of the Project window and the Sequence resource if you still have trouble finding it.

premier pro projects window with sequence 01 highlighted

Did that help?

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