What is the illustrator equivalent to Coreldraw's powerclip?

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I just moved from PC to MAC but I've been using Coreldraw for years. I have a bit of experience in Illustrator and although you can run Coreldraw using parallels or vmware quite easily on MAC, I want to change to tighter integrate my Graphic design workflow. This meant finding the Illustrator way of doing Coreldraw things like the illustrator equivalent to Coreldraw's powerclip function.

Illustrator has a similar function to coreldraws powerclip effect, and actually I think its better. In illustrator, you simply select a vector object to use as a mask for the other object(s). It works the same way as Coreldraw in that anything outside your vector 'mask' will be clipped (like in powerclip).

Unlike in powerclip for coreldraw, you wont have to go back and edit the location of the object you are clipping with the mask. To put that another way, the object inside the vector mask will stay where is was originally after being placed in the mask. In Coreldraw, it is automatically centered in the powerclip. To change this you will need to edit it again.

So there you here you have it:

  1. To use the illustrator equivalent of Coreldraws power clip:
  2. Select the two object to be used as the mask
  3. Make sure this object is in the front with object>arrange>bring to frontHold
  4. shift and select the object to be clipped (in the case of more than one object, they should be grouped: object>group)
  5. Go to object>clipping mask>make

Work for you? Still prefer Coreldraw? leave a comment.

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