If Photoshop only types with Capital letters, How to turn it off.

help I can't turn off capitals on photoshop

Help everything I type in Photoshop is in CAPITAL LETTERS and I can’t turn it off!...  That was my problem. I tried pressing caps-lock, but it didn’t change a thing.

Here is how to turn off all caps on Photoshop if you accidentally turn it on and can only type capital letters with the Photoshop type tool.

First, what went wrong? If you’re suddenly typing everything in Photoshop in capitals and can't turn it off, this is because you <somehow> turned all caps on. Just to be sure, press caps lock until the caps lock light on your keyboard goes off and then type something in Photoshop. If caps lock is off and everything you type in Photoshop is still in capitals, then yep, you in all-caps mode.

To turn off all caps mode, press ctrl+shift+H (windows) or command+shift+H (Mac). This is the shortcut key for small caps. Or click the icon shown here (here you can see the Photoshop type palette shown all caps on or off):

Photoshop charater palatte showin small caps and all caps

By the way, turning all-caps on again so you only type in capitals, which can be handy sometimes, is done with: ctrl+shift+K (windows) or command+shift+K (Mac)

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