How to export your movie to YouTube from Adobe Premiere with settings for the best HD (720p or 1080p) result.

Youtube in HD

Ok. You’ve got a video edited in adobe premiere and you want to know how to export your movie to YouTube. What are the best settings to output in HD (720p or 1080p) for YouTube? These ones:

In the perfect world, YouTube would accept uncompressed files and serve them up based on what the user requires. This is unrealistic because it would take unfeasible amounts of disk space. The answer, upload all your YouTube videos in the native compressed HD format that YouTube uses. If you use a different format YouTube will likely re-encode them and you will lose quality. For the best quality HD in YouTube, use these settings:

Start by making sure you video is edited in the right format for YouTube HD. Just make sure premiere is set to:
720p (HDTV) = 1280 × 720
1080i (Full HD) = 1920 × 1080

If you video wasn't recorded in high definition, there really isn't much point to scale it up, that will just waste your time and YouTube’s space.

After you've setup you movie for HD and edited it, you're ready to export for youtube, click File > Export > Media Encoder

Use the following for the 'Export Settings'
- Format: H.264
- Range: Choose whatever you want, usually Entire Sequence (default)
- Presets: You can write anything here go with something like YouTube HD.
- Comments: Add comments if you want to.
- Ensure Export Audio and Export Video are both checked (you don't want a HD YouTube video without your audio!)

In the next part of the Export Settings window there are five tabs:

Filters tab:

  • uncheck everything

Multiplexer tab:

  • Multiplexing: MP4
  • Stream Compatibility: PSP

Video tab:

  • Codec: MainConcept H.264 Video (selected by default if you chose Format H.264 in the beginning)
  • TV Standard: NTSC (when I in the United States)
  • Frame Width [pixels]: 1,280 (this is for 720p, for 1080p, use 1920)
  • Frame Height [pixels]: 720 (this is for 720p, for 1080p, use 1080)
  • Frame Rate [fps]: 59.94 (don't know why but works great for HD).
  • Field Order: None (Progressive)
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels
  • Level: 4.0
  • Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 1 Pass
  • Target Bitrate: 5
  • Maximum Bitrate: 8

Audio tab:

  • Codec: AAC
  • Output Channel: Stereo
  • Frequency: 48 kHz
  • Audio Quality: High

Others tab:

  • Make sure everything is blank.

Once you HD export is configure click 'OK'. Now Adobe Media Encoder will launch. To start the encoding 'Start Queue', then after a while (depending on the speed of your computer) you will have a file perfectly exported from Adobe Premier for HD use in YouTube.

Let me know how it went in the comments, and feel free to link your HD YouTube video!

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