How to get Spotify if you don't live in the right country

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Heard about how great the music streaming service Spotify is? But can’t get it your country? Here’s a step by step guide on how to get Spotify if you live outside the service area.

Now no matter where you live, you can listen to the world’s largest music database on Spotify.

I have many Australian and New Zealand friends who can’t get Spotify. Spotify detects your location when you register and won’t allow people to sign up for its free music service if you don’t live in the right country. The solution? Trick Spotify into thinking you live elsewhere.

Because Spotify is available only in specific European countries, you will have to make your computer appear look like it’s from one of these countries. You can do this with a virtual private networking (VPN) or by using a proxy and it’s easier than you might think.

After your Spotify account has been registered you and you have downloaded in installed the Spotify application, you won’t need to use the virtual private network again.

Because most of my friends are in English speaking countries, this guide will show you how to make your computer appear as if it’s in the UK, get you registered to Spotify, download the Spotify app. After about 10 mins, you’ll be listening to music, here are the steps:

  • This is the virtual private network page, you need to go here.
  • On this page, in the center, there is a URL box (much like on the Google search page). If you see and ad, close that first (there should be a close icon in the top right corner)
  • In the box, paste in this   and then click go.
  • When the Spotify user registration appears, fill out the form. Make sure you set your country to "England" and you post code to "BT48 0PW" (just a random UK postcode)
  • Click to create your Spotify account, but pay close attention to the next step!
  • After your Spotify account is created, you will see a download link. Don’t click that link; instead download the Spotify app from this page. It’s a different download page on Spotify,com which may appear in Spanish, don’t worry about that, choose your desired computer platform from the top and download Spotify.
  • Install the Spotify app and login with the username and password you have just created.

That’s it. Now you know how to install and use Spotify if you live in a country (like New Zealand or Australia) outside the Spotify service area. Spotify is an amazing music service so, if you feeling a little guilt of the trickery you just did you can always absolve yourself of some of that guilt and pay Spotify to remove the ads its only about €5 or €10 if you want the mobile phone apps (for iPhone android etc) or to listen to your playlists when offline.

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