How to get past windows product activation if it expires and you can't login.

How to get past windows product activation if it expires and you can't login. If (for whatever reason) you install windows and forget to activate it for 30 days, you may end up locked out of windows.

If you can't login to windows because product activation will not let you, fret not, there are various way you can get access to your data.

This is not a solution for getting you past the login screen and into windows, but will help you get to you data to either backup so that you can transfer it to a new windows install, or you can use this hack to get past the windows login and execute code (run a program), like one of the many windows activation cracks around the web. I would however advise you to backup and start again as finding an activation crack can be a painful and virus infected waste of time.

Start by turning on your windows computer. When you get to the login screen, click to login as per usual. This will make windows present you with the error telling you that Windows has expired and asking whether you would like to activate Windows now. Click Yes.

Windows will now open a "lets activate windows" box. Don't do anything in this window, instead, press and hold the windows key and press "U". Windows-U is the fast key for the Narrator program that helps assist those with poor vision. We'll use this program that will help us login to our Windows.

Depending on which version of windows you are using you will now be able to access your disks:

Windows XP:
To do this in windows XP, click on the little computer screen with speech bubble icon in the upper left to open the about box and click on the licked word "Microsoft Web Site" to open an internet explorer box. Not everyone knows, but internet browsers can also be used for browsing disks. Simply type "c:\" instead of a URL (web site address) and you can access your disk.

Windows Vista and 7:
On Windows Vista and 7 getting past the login is even easier because once you start the narrator window, you will also have an address bar at the top. Just put "c:\" there and you can access your hard disks.

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