How to install Dolibarr on your shared web server (webhosting account)

Ok. I admint. This is not so much "how to install Dolibarr on your web server" as it is a "how I installed Dolibarr on 1and1 sharedhosting", but I´m sure lots of things will be the same for you. Give it a read through if your looking for an opensource erp/crm solution so you know what your in for.

To start with I downloaded the latest version of dolibarr (who came up with that name?) from the Rather than upload the archived file and unzip it on the server, I uses 7zip to unzipp everything and then upload the files to my website via FTP.

I created a new folder (I called ERP) in the root directory of my shared hosting so that  to access dolibarr all I would need to do was to go to It turned out to be a littel more complicated. The installer for Dolibarr is actually located in fhe folder /htdocs of the Dolibarr zip file. I believe that the contents of this folder are all you actually need, but because this was my one and only install of Dolibarr I can't confrim this. I uploaded everything. Consequently Dolibarr is now located in on my website. If you want something different you might want to try just uploading the contents of the htdocs folder to where you want you Dolibarr install.

Once you have copied the files you need to start the installer (if you simply uploaded the compressed Dolibarr.tgz file, don't forget to decompress it first).

To start installing Dolibarr simply point your browser to the folder with the install files in it by going to:
or (if you only uploaded contents of /htdocs)

The install is very easy. The thing you will need to watch out for is to make sure you get all the information about the MySQL database correct so Dolibarr can connect to it. I reccomend setting this up yourself before starting the Dolibarr install. For most people the default hostname:"localhost" will be correct. I use 1and1 for some spanish sites, so i had to use the number in the MySQL management window of the 1and1 control panel. It's the number in the third column in the list (called nombre de Alojamiento in Spanish).

Once you have created your Database, and recorded your username, password and know what to put in hostname (leave it as localhost and try it if it fails, just call your host provider and ask them wah to put there) just enter it all into the Dolibarr installer and try it, you can always cliak back on the browser to mmake changes.

Then just follow the prompts on the installer, after clicking next a number of times Dolibar should install just fine.

Please let me know how your Dolibarr install went and if you had to make any changes in the comments.

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