Increase mileage fuel economy in your car.

Here is the easiest way to increase mileage/fuel economy in your car.

You can increase mileage/fuel economy in your car with do it in 4 easy steps.

1: Do anything practical to lower the weight of the car. Take out any unnecessary objects that might be left in your boot. If you have roadside insurance or belong to a roadside help club, you may even be able to do away with the spare tyre, jack and tools. Lowering the weight of the car improves fuel economy.

2: Check the recommendations of the manufacture of your particular car as to what the right tyre pressure is for your model. If you inflate your tyre to the correct pressure and maintain them, you will save a surprising amount of fuel. Tip: buy your own tyre gauge, the ones at gas stations are notoriously unreliable and you won’t get the fuel efficiency benefit using them.

3: Make sure your car is in well tuned. Tuning a car only improves the fuel economy a little. If you are good with cars, new spark plugs, oil and air filter will make your car run better, increase the mileage and improve longevity of the engine. If you need to take it to a mechanic to get this done, the cost might be more than you’ll get back from improvement in fuel economy, instead just follow the last step…

4: Add a small amount of acetone to your fuel (works with petrol or diesel). Acetone can be found in most hardware stores. You need to look for something that is pure acetone (look for a label which says 100% pure). It works by lowering the surface tension of the fuel, thereby aiding vaporization. When your fuel vaporizes better, it burns better. This will not only give you better mileage it will be better for your engine.

You need to add about 1 part per 4,000 for petrol (10mls per 40 liters) or 1 part per 5,000 for diesel (10mls per 50 liters). Don’t add anymore, because if you ad too much, then you fuel economy will actually suffer.

Be careful not to experiment with other alcohols or solvents. That would be stupid and dangerous. Only acetone has been proven to increase mileage and overall fuel economy at a cost better than the cost for extra fuel needed without the additive (acetone).

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