Red Highlights, what are they and how do i get rid of them?

Red Highlights on text in FirefoxWant to know How to get rid of those annoying red highlights on Firefox?

The red highlights on Firefox are caused by the Plugin 'SEO' for Firefox. The SEO plugin highlights text in red which has a 'no follow' tag. If you don't need to highlight 'no follow' tags in red, (or don't even understand it) then you can easily turn red highlights off by clicking the 'SEO' icon at the bottom right of the Firefox window. One click to turn off the red highlights, click again if you want to turn the red highlights on again.


SEO Plugin cause Red Highlighted Text


If after you turn off the red highlights if you realize you don't really use the 'SEO' plugin then your best bet is to uninstall the plugin to stop the red highlights from reappearing again after future updates.

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