How to install it JoomSuite content on Joomla 1.5

How to install it JoomSuite content on Joomla 1.5
Heres how to install JoomSuite content (at least how I installed JoomSuite Content free beta on a Joomla 1.5.2 site).


These instructions will help even if you don't use Hostmonster for your hosting, but there is a specific section for Hostmonster customers.

To Install JoomSuite Content, I first logged on to my Joomla site and went to Help>System info and made a note of the line:
PHP Version:
(In my case using Hostmonster, it was 5.2.5)

This is important to know because there are two versions of JoomSuite Content, one for PHP version 4 and one for PHP version 5.

First download all the files you will need to run JoomSuite Content.
There are four of them:
The JoomSuite Content component
The license manager
The license file
The Icon pack

This is the order in which I installed them. Each line is linked to the closest page to the download page. You will need to register and logon first to be able to download the JoomSuite Content component, so I've linked to the page before it.

I don't know if it is the correct order, but it worked beautifully so can't be too wrong:

First download the JoomSuite Content component that matches your version of PHP;
PHP version 4 JoomSuite Content component, or PHP version 5 JoomSuite Content component (the one I used)
Next install the Icon Pack
And then the license

Once those three were installed properly, I went to the license manager (in the Joomla administrator backend, component >.JoomSuite License Manager ). Now click on the browse button under “Component License Activation” and browse to the license file you downloaded and install it.

Now you have everything you need for JoomSuite Content to run, but you may not yet be ready to run it (I wasn't). You see JoomSuite Content needs a thing called ionCube in order to work. You can see if you need it by simply going to components > .Joomsuite Content > Content items and just test to see if it actually works. If you get an error (and you probably will) you will need to see if ioncube is installed on your server.

I'm not going to details of how to get ioncube running on your server, that s up to you, but if you use Hostmonster, then your in luck. As I understand it ioncube is already installed on Hostmonster servers and all you need to do is a a few steps and you'll be underway:

First login to your Hostmonster control panel and click on the icon called “PHP config” under the software/services section. On the next screen, scroll down a bit to where its says “Install Default php.ini” check the option for ioncube and click “Install php.ini master file”.

Once this is installed your just two steps away from getting JoomSuite Content up and running. I'm sorry to say, for newbies it's a very ugly looking step. So ugly in fact, when I first read the instructions I not only didn't understand them, but automatically closed the window because they looked too hard for my meager knowledge. Don't worry, in actual fact its easy, thats why I'm re-writing the instructions here.

In your Hostmonster control panel, click file manager and make sure it puts you into the default directory/public_html (or you navigate to it). In the public_html folder your will find the file php.ini.default . Simply rename it to php.ini (either check it and click rename, or click it, wait a sec and click it again).

Not so hard huh? This last bit is the codey bit, don't worry I'll walk you through it. Please read these instruction carefully (including the notes) before starting. If you have any questions or are afraid to do it, just ask the support guys at Hostmonster.

Still in file manager (and in public_html) click the icon new file and call it “copyphpini.php” (without the quotes). Next edit this file (click the edit button) and copy and paste the following line in there:

<pre><?php system("find . -type d|xargs -i cp --verbose php.ini {}/."); ?></pre>COMPLETE!

Don't be afraid, it's not really that scary, it's just some php code telling the server to copy the file “php.ini” into every folder and then say “complete”.

NOTE: if you are using an adon domain (when your domain appears as a folder within public_html) then I suggest you move/copy the file “php.ini” into that folder and also create your “copyphpini.php” in that folder too.

The very last part is to simply enter into your browser the address:

Where “your-domain-or-addon-domain” is the actual name of you domain, or the name of your addon domain.

Feel free re-read that last bit a couple of times if you don't understand it, its actually quite basic, but you should be sure you are happy with your understanding before you proceed. You're only copying files that won't do any harm if something doesn't work right (you won't copy over anything important for example). You can also read the Hostmonster support article on copying php.ini to all folders to see if it helps.

After you have ioncube running correctly, JoomSuite Content should work fine. going to components > .Joomsuite Content > Content items and check it out!

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