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how to add favorties to the bookmark toolbar


Here is a great way to organise all your affiliate and advertising links is by putting bookmarking them neatly in a folder of their own. If you are using Firefox, you can go one step further an open them all at once. This makes it easy to check how your earnings are going.

Heres how to quickly organise your affiliate and advertising links:

Step 1:- Start you favorite browser (mine is Firefox).

Step 2:- Put in the URL (web address) of one of the sites with which you have registered as an affiliate or publisher (of advertising). Navigate to the login page. Now open a new tab, to do this just press ctrl-t.

Step 3:- repeat step two with every site you have joined.

Step 4:- In Firefox, go to Bookmarks>Bookmark all tabs (or press ctrl+shift+D). This will make a folder containing bookmarks of all the pages currently open in different tabs. For monetization I have two, one called “advertising” (for text ads and banner ads etc) and one called “affiliates” (for affiliate programs/products etc).

In Explorer, go to Favorites>Add tab group to Favorites.


Step 5:- (optional) – As long as you are happy you have good security (firewall/anti virus/anti Trojan/anti spyware etc) or even if your just not that paranoid, you can login to each account and have the browser remember your password (note: don't under any circumstances do this on any shared computer, ie flat computer or library/school computer), this way next time you come to the site all you will have to do is click “sign in” and you member control panel will come up.


Once all those step are done, you can either open the pages individually (by going to bookmarks/favorites and clicking on the page you want) or if you use Firfox, you can open them all together (which is actually the whole point if this tip) – just click Bookmarks and then find the folder you want and as you hover over it the option to “open all in tabs” will appear at the list of web sites.


If you did step 5, the all you will need to do is go through the tabs and click “sign in” on each one to get to your account.

Also, did you know that with Firefox you can:

1) To add an icon of any site to the main bowser screen that you can just click to open, just add it to the Bookmarks Toolbar. The bookmarks toolbar is the underneath the navigation toolbar - where you put in the web addresses (URL's). Just drag and drop the tab onto the bookmarks toolbar. You can also drag and drop the folder with all your affiliat and advertising links into the folder called "Bookmarks Tollbar Folder" so they will appear on the main browser screen.

2) In Firefox, just ctrl-clicka link to open it in a new tab.

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