Make a good wallpaper (desktop pattern)


desktop wallpaper windows xp and mac os x leopard

It's often better to make your own wallpapers, that way you can make something nice with room for all your icons etc. Here is how I do it (in a few steps) with some free 4400 and Lost wallpapers to download.



****Note, the images shown here are screenshots of photoshop, but any good photo editing tool should be able to achieve the same.


The first thing I do to create a wallpaper (desktop pattern) is to decide which resolution I want to use. The resolution is the number of dots (pixels) on the screen. If you have a normal (not wide screen) monitor, then probably the most common resolution is 1024x768. What I normally do, is to design all my images at 1366 x 768, this way if you upgrade later to a wide screen monitor, you can still use the same wallpapers.


Start by opening you favorite image editing program and creating new file at 1366 x 768 (or whichever size you want).

setting the file size for making a wallpaper

Next, make the background black. I find dark backgrounds always look slick (for those of us with less design flair).


Next, paste one of your favorite photos onto the background and size it so that it is roughly in the center, leaving a border top and bottom (you may need to cut out some of the photo (crop) so that it suits the format of the monitor (wider than it is tall – this format is called landscape). Remember that we want the important part of the photo to be in the center, so when we use a small resolution (1024 x 768 for example) it won't cut too much out.


pasting in an image

The reason I leave a border on my wallpapers is to allow room on my desktop for my icons. I find having your desktop icons on top of the photo looks terrible (you may put your desktop icons in a different place, in that case darken this area). I also leave a bit more room at the bottom, because in windows this area would be hidden by the taskbar, also from a design perspective it looks better.


Now stretch the edges of the photo all the way to the edge of the file.


stretching an image in photoshop


Lastly ad a fine 50% grey line at the top and bottom of the photo, to border the photo (about 1 or 2 pixels should be o.k.). If you feel like it, you can ad a few more lines top and bottom for effect.


adding a stroke to a wallpaper in photoshop


You may want to darken in the sides for greater effect (using a gradient fill). Heres my finished wallpaper (not at full resolution):


finished free 4400 walpaper or desktop pattern


I have prepared some free wallpapers for you to download. If you enjoy them, please tell people about this site and where they can get them.

Here are some top quality free 4400 wallpapers (just click to download the .zip file) with different characters. No Promicen needed (nor special abilities) have fun.


free download 4400 desktop wallpapers


Here are top quality free lost wallpapers with characters from series one, series two and series three (S01,S02,S03).


free download lost desktop wallpapers



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