Understand Saw IV (also good for those who haven't seen it)

Here is some vital information to help your understanding Saw IV (don't worry, if you haven't seen it, it won't spoil it for you, it will actually help!).


If you (like me) enjoyed the Saw movies you'll like Saw IV. But many people didn't understand Saw IV that well, and that spoils the enjoyment of the movie. Here is some 'must know' information about Saw IV. If you haven't yet seen the movie yet it will be great to read this first. If you have seen it this will help explain some things for you. I say once more. Reading this will NOT spoil your enjoyment of Saw IV, in fact, if you want to recommend the movie to others, send them the link to this page, I'm sure it will aid their appreciation of the film.


There one major thing that most people don't understand (probably due to the directing style) about Saw IV, and that is: Saw IV takes place at the same Time as Saw III. If you haven't yet seen Saw IV, when you do, this will help make things somewhat clearer.


This was probably in response to criticism of Saw 1, Saw II and Saw III's linear story. Unfortunately in Saw IV, it's sometimes hard to differentiate between flashbacks and current action which can make it confusing.


But thats not all, there are a couple of other confusing things about Saw IV, if you've seen the movie read on, if you haven't yet seen it I highly recommend you read what I have to say about the ending. Believe it or not, it will help you understand the ending without spoiling it. While it will spoil a little 'twist', many people are asking for an explanation to the ending and the 'twist' isn't much of a twist anyway. It's far better (imho) that the some light be shed on subject, then the ending won't need explanation.


**warning the next bit is a slight spoiler for Saw IV, (although I would actually call it a helper)**





Scroll down a bit for more Saw IV explanation that won't ruin the movie.





In order to enjoy Saw IV fully, you need to understand the ending. The only thing I will say about this is that the morgue scene at the beginning of Saw IV happens (in time) after the events of the movie. I.e. the first scene actually takes place at the end. Again don't worry if your yet to see the film this will only help, those of you who have seen it will understand how knowing this helps.


There are two other things that those who have seen the Saw IV might like to know. Both of which willspoil the movie. If you've seen Saw IV and still need some explanation, read on.


**Warning what follows may spoil your enjoyment of Saw IV if you haven't yet seen it**





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The last two pieces of the puzzle (geddit? Puzzle – Jigsaw) are the following:


  1. The Cop “Hoffman”, turns out to be Jigsaws assistant at the end, most people get that. It's just important to point out that why he does it, and how, are not explained. I guess they will be explained further in Saw V.

  2. It wasn't actually perfectly clear in Saw IV that the Swat Captain (“Rigg”) was supposed to leave the others in the 'game' alone, and not try and save them. That was his task. Some people missed this and it needs to be said.



Hope this helped your enjoyment of Saw IV, remember: Cherish your life, or.........


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