How to turn off preview thumbnails on new Firefox tabs.

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Annoyed that when you open a new tab on firefox it shows previews of your history? Here's how to turn them off.

All you need to do is click this ICON to toggle the previews on or off.

turn off previews icon in firefox

You migh also want to learn how to toggle preview thumbnails via the config console:

  1. Start Firefox.
  2. For the url, type "about:config". This will take you to a configuration area of Firefox and changing the wrong thing could break Firefox, that's why you will be warned that tinkering is dangerous with a "here be dragons" warning.


  3. Accept the warning (click "I'll be careful I promise") to get to the firefox config page
  4. Notice the search box at the top left? Note: I'm not talking about the general search box in firefox's top right corner, there is a new search box on the top left of the page now showing. Type into this search box "newtabpage"


  5. A list of items will come up. Note the line which says "browser.newtabpage.enabled". To turn off the preview thumbnails on new fire fox tabs all you need to do is double click that line where it says "true", and it will change to false.

Try opening a new tab. Do you see the previews? If you followed this correctly you shouldn't and firefox will no longer show preview thumbnails when opening new fire fox tabs.

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