Get started with the basics of the Cube 2 Sauerbraten level editor.

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Wow, isn't the cube 2 (Sauerbraten) editor great? Here is a quick list of THE most important things you need to know to get going fast.

1st a quick clarification. Cube 2 = Sauerbraten   i.e. Sauerbraten IS Cube 2. They are one and the same. Kind of like Start wars Episode 4 was called "a new hope" so they both refer to the same movie.

Lets get started:

Getting to the editor:

  1. Load/run Sauerbraten and choose "load level" from the menu.
  2. Load any level you want.
  3. Once you are in the the level press the "e" key to change to the editor. The "e" key toggles between the editor and the game.

Now the funs starts! Before I tell you the most basic command and key controls (a full list is here) you can choose to learn Sauerbraten by editing the levels that come with it, or by making you own level. Just skip the next paragraph if you want to edit the levels that came with Cube 2.

If you want to edit your own levels with Cube 2 simple load a level, press "e" to enter the editor and then press "t" which will bring up the command line (the part where you enter commands). Type "/map 15" (without the quotes) to open a black map. The number 15 refers to how big the map will be. You can make it as big as your hardware will allow but something like 20 is huge, so play around and find the size that best suits what you want to build.

Here are the best things to know to get started in Sauerbraten FAST:

Moving in Cube 2:

Moving around in 3D space. You move around in Cube 2 much the same as anyone would in a FPS. Use the moss to look around and the "w" / "s" keys for forward and back. The "a" / "d" keys will move you left and right. It's the standard "WSAD" configuration.

Building with cubes in Cube 2:

Click on the ground and roll your scroll wheel. Either one of two things will happen:

  • a corner of the square you have selected will drop down making a tiny ramp if so press "r" to change modes. To be honest I'm not exactly sure why it does this or why I have to press "r" to get to the right mode, but it works and you really want to be eying in the next mode;
  • if a cubic tower builds up into the air or a cube shaped hole appears in the ground: Your in the right mode.

That is how you edit in Cube 2, Sauerbraten!: By clicking to select a square shaped face and then extruding it in 3D space (with the scroll wheel). Put simply; you click and scroll to add or subtract cubes. Letter I'll show you how to make things look less rectangular but for now:
Click + scroll wheel = Add plus subtract.

Make you cubes bigger or smaller in Cube 2:

Now try this: Click to select a square shaped piece of the game world. Hold the "g" key and scroll the mouse wheel. Congratulations, you just learned how to change the size of the square selection that is mad eve time you click. You can make it larger and small by scrolling back and forward, then, once you release the "g" key you can start adding and subtracting 3D cubes with the new size. It's like change your brush size.

***TIME OUT*** Right before we go any further, load up Sauerbraten and start some basic building, come back when you've built a few buildings.

Adding Textures in Cube 2:

Select some irregular faces as though you were going to build and press the "F2" key to open the textures window. Please note: any textures you use belong to Cube 2 and you have no rights to use them on outside Sauerbraten.

TOP TIP: You can click and hold and then move in 3D space in Cube 2 in order to easily define large areas to texture or build from. Try it, click, hold and fly through space while you make a selection.

Choose any texture in the texture menu to cover you 3D world.

TOP TIP: Hold the "y" key and scroll the mouse wheel to choose one of the most recently used textures. If you really want to be a Cube 2 Expert, holding "y" and using the scroll wheel will help you quickly texture your levels.

More editing: Irregular shapes in Cube 2:

Because you are in effect live editing a 3D world, Sauerbraten does not have some of the conventional tools of a 3D editor. For this reason making curved surfaces is not that easy. You can make less regular shapes by pushing and pulling corners of the square selections you are by now used to making. To do this hold the "r" key and move the pointer into the corner you want to distort and roll the scroll wheel. See how the corn can be pushed in, or pulled back? This is the way to edit corners in Cube 2.

TOP TIP: You can manipulate all the corned of a selected group of cubes at once. Make a big selection and the hold the "r" key and scroll the wheel with your mouse pointer in the corner of any white selection square. Notice how all the corners are edited at the same time.

Lighting in Cube 2:

Until now we've talk about Sauerbraten's basic editing tools. But it's time to make your world look good and it's also time you learned some commands.

While in the editor you can enter command by pressing the "t" key. To meek your world look good, you need lights. Here are the basic lighting settings you need to know in Sauerbraten:

From the command line (after pressing "t" in the editor), type: "/ambientlight 60" (without the quotes). This will set the ambient light (i.e the minimum amount of illumination for any of the objects) to 60 (must bet a number between 0 for no light, and 255 for full brightness).

From the command line (after pressing "t" in the editor), type: "/skylight 200" (without the quotes). 200 is the amount of light the "sun" will give to your scene.

After you have set the ambient light and the skylight, press "k". Sauerbraten will now calculate a shadow map and apply it to you scene and probably also blow your mind. That looks better! Note: as soon as you start editing again Cube 2 will delete the shadow map for and of the cubes/3d faces that have been changed so don't be alarmed when the lighting rests to default for the parts you are editing. When you are finished just press "k" to recalculate the shadow map.

Lastly to add lights into dark rooms: From the command line (after pressing "t" in the editor), type: "/newentity light 200 150 200". The three number stand for RED GREEN BLUE, the primary colors of light. Make these high (closer to 255) and the light will be bright. A lower number will create a dimmer light.

Remember to press "k2 to recalculate the shadow maps after you create new light entities.

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