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Four things I know to be true about money:

  1. You DONT need money to make money

  2. You DONT have to work to make money

  3. you DONT have to be educated to make money

  4. making money is NOT hard

I don't work. But every day I make more and more money. Sure I had to put a little effort in a short while ago, but now I've retired and spend my time relaxing by the pool, or playing video games. I'm 35.

Heres a guide (from my experience) on how to bring money into your life without having to work for it.

The more time you spend working or looking for work, the less time you have to build real honest residual income through the Internet.

In this article I'll share my knowledge with you and help you to create online income with minimum work while at the same time help you to avoid online scams. I promise the following:

  1. All information will be given freely and I will never try to sell you anything.

  2. All advice will be totally independent and impartial.

  3. I will not promote anything I didn't benefit from in the way advertised

  4. My primary motivation for this site is to help others achieve financial independence, not solely to earn commissions.

  5. This page will always be as up to date as possible with fresh material and great money making tips to the best of my ability.

  6. None of the money that comes into my life has been earned or is being earned through some kind of fast money scheme, they just don't work (except for their owners).

As you will see every effort has been made to make this an extremely honest and helpful page. The only thing I ask in return for sharing with you what I know, is that if you benefit from this page, tell your friends about it and/or post a link to this site on your blog, myspace or facebook etc page, I think its the least you could do in return.

If you already have some online money making experience, then feel free to scan through, I'm sure there will be something here for everyone.

Some people ask me why I advocate not working and making money online. “Can't I just make some additional cash online to supplement day job?” Sure, and that's not a bad way to start (few of us can give up the day job straight away). But remember this:

  • Most of the people who told you to getting a good job is the key to financial success (teachers/parents etc) work hard and aren't rich. So how would they know?

  • Working is slavery. You'll only live (on average) 73+ years, so why sell your life 8 hours a day, five (or more) days a week.

  • Money can't buy Happiness? Sure, but does working to earn it in some way help? And anyway money sure can solve the problems that having a lack of money causes.

  • If you were rich enough to stop work right now, that would create a new job for someone else (the one your leaving).

  • There are only 24 hours in the day. You can't work more than that. This severely limit's the wage earners ability to increase their income. You need to know how to boost your income and work less, not more.

So, you ask, If working isn't the answer, what is? We'll that depends a little on how much you have right now, but I will focus on ways you can make money if you don't have much money yet, obviously if you already have some money, then you can do the same types of things on a bigger scale.

In my opinion, the best way to make money is actually with your own business, the next best is property (real estate), followed by various investment types (share market investing etc). The common problem with all these is you generally need money (and experience) to start such ventures. There is something however that combines the advantages of property and business; Making money online. Best of all, with the Internet anyone can start regardless of how much money they have.

Before we get into what will generate money for you, lets quickly go over what won't so you know what to avoid. I have spent years online researching making income without working, please benefit from my experience and learn from my mistakes. Just to be sure that its clear, these are not likely to make you money:

Buying into an “amazing online opportunity” (which seem almost too good to be true). These are run by people who make their money from you, not by employing the process themselves. To find out more about avoiding scams, read this article about avoiding scams (Surf tip: right clicking on almost any link on the Internet will allow you to 'open link in new tab').

Filling online forms or questionnaires. These take too much work for the money you receive. They mainly only exist as another form of advertising. Think about it. First they qualify you to make sure your the right type of person, then they ask you 70 questions about their brand like “did you know our brand is the best of its kind?” or show you twenty ads and ask you what you think. You work hard, endure a barrage of propaganda; they get your opinion and then they pay you 55 cents.

Cash randomizers are a glorified pyramid scheme in which your chance of making money are no better than winning the lottery. They work by randomly applying future earnings to members. This give people hope that they will be the lucky ones to get cash fast. Sorry to disappoint you, but mathematically your chances are pathetic.

Getting paid to surf. Firstly, that's still work (trading your time for money) and as I've already said there are only so many hours in the day, secondly, many such schemes are actually scams and don't payout or even operate illegally, breaching their advertising contracts by asking you to click on paid sponsor links.

"The easiest and best way for all of us to make money with the Internet is by building multiple streams of income that flow into our bank accounts"

Building income streams is exactly how I make money and you can do it too. I'm going to be honest and say that any single thing you do on the Internet isn't likely to make you a millionaire, but its cheap (often free) and easy to make multiple income earners. Whats more, once they are built, they are there for a lifetime and often require no work (hooray!). I'll get to direct examples soon.

There are always new and imaginative ways of generating income through the Internet. To take advantage of them you have to do your research, you need to see what is out there and be informed in order to make the right choices. Take a look at everything, devour pages of information until you find what is right for you. I may take a little effort now, but soon you can sit back and relax while the money flows into your life.

How I make money online:

Right, down to the nuts and bolts. Making money online. I earn money online through a variety of websites I run. Running a profitable income generating website can often be free and is pretty easy to do. Later when you have more money and you feel like it, you can use it to increase the amount each income vehicle brings in.

The websites I run have a variety of themes. This is important. Ever hear the phrase “don't put all your eggs in one basket”. I started with one site and then slowly added others. When I started I had very little knowledge of the Internet so I simply took it upon myself findout how it was done. Those of you who need it, there is some good advice on how to build a website without money or technical knowledge here and also a great guide on where to get the best web hosting here (how to host unlimited websites for $6 a month).

With all my sites, I do the following

  1. Wait until you have built up one site to its maximum potential before you start another

  2. Make all your sites different, but of interest to similar customers (that way you can cross promote them).

  3. Earn income trough a combination of advertising and online product promotion (web marketing).

Let's take a look at what I do step by step:

  1. Build a simple but expandable website: First I make an easily accessible (easy to read) fast loading website (don't include fancy stuff, which is also more work).

  2. Add content: Then I write about a topic I like and that I feel I have a good amount of knowledge in. I write about one article (½ page) per day. In the beginning I had to do it all my self, but after the income built up, I could pay others to write for me knowing that although I have to pay, the article will exist on the Internet forever (or as long as I pay my hosting bill – lol).

  3. With every page I add SEO (Search engine optimization). This means the following two steps:

    a) I make sure the main them, in this case “earning online income in order to stop working and live 100% of your life” is repeated in many different ways through out the page. This means the keywords that search engines use get repeated. It is important keep it readable and not to oversaturate the keywords, you need to keep keyword saturation at 5-8% (5 to 8 keywords per hundred).

    b) I add meta data and keywords to the article. Metadata and keywords can help the search engine understand your pages content you can learn more about that here.

  4. I Make sure to choose a subject as original as possible and interesting to a number of people myself included. Eg if I was interested in mountain bikes, I would write about them.

  5. I try to make my articles as good as I can, I never invest my ego in them so if they're not that great, I don't really care, as long as I give as much useful information as I can offer in the most interest way I am able to write.

  6. I link important phrases and words to external sites, this way the search engines value my articles more as being well researched.

  7. I add RSS feeds of information I think people might want to read about. This increases the amount of word combinations (and therefor keywords) there are on the page. Also, mos search engines reward sites which have rss feeds from other sources by giving them a better page rank.

  8. I never worry too much about weather a page will be found, I simply do my best to make a good article if value and interest and then leave the rest to chance. I believe you could spend too much time learning about/promoting a website, when good content is always the best.

  9. Next: I Monetize the site, monetization simply refers to making it so your website earns money.

  10. Lastly, I promote the site throughout the Internet. I leave comments on blogs (only when I actually have something to say, or else that would be Spam) and take part in forums etc. I found a good list of ways to promote your site here.

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