How to make a PDF file easily from JPG's on Apple Mac

make pdf files from jpg

Want to turn a group of jpg files into one PDF document? It's easy to do on Apple OS X....

Making a PDF from jpeg files:

Step 1:
Start by selecting the the first jpg in your sequence and press the space bar. The space bar on your Apple OS X opens the document in preview. From preview, you can save as a pdf file.

Step 2:
Repeat this process for every jpg file. Yes, it true, you have to re-save each jpg file one by one as a pdf file. If you have a lot of files you need convert, you might want to use the automator app (just search for it using the magnifying glass icon on the top right of you OS X screen).

Step 3:
Open the first pdf file the same way (i.e. click on it and press the space bar).

Step 4:
Change to sidebar view. You toggle this view on or off by clicking the sidebar icon up at the top right of the preview window (next to the search box). This will make the sidebar visible.

Step 5:
Drag the PDF files you've just converted from out of the finder window straight into the sidebar. It's better to do this in order, but if you do something wrong don't worry, you can drag to reorder different pages in the sidebar.

Once you have all the pages in, simply save the document. You can now delete all the other files you converted into PDF from jpg, just leave the first one wich should now contain all the jpgs as pages in the pdf file.

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